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Jingjiang DaJue Hardware Factory was founded in 1988, is located in the shore of the Yangtze river, is located in the pudong development zone radiation belt, is specialized in producing all kinds of automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, electric bicycle spokes hat manufacturers, specifically for the spokes manufacturers supporting services, with more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, our factory production cap the spokes of the products have entered the national each big market and international market, the products made of stainless steel, copper, iron, etc.; environmental protection Surface treatment is galvanized, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, dacron and so on.
Our factory have a first-class production technology and equipment, testing equipment and production technology, stable and reliable quality, product specification is complete, the existing professional and technical personnel account for 15% of the whole factory, quality control personnel account for 5% of the whole factory,,,
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Address: NO.18,Dajue North Road,Xieqiao Town,Jingjiang Jiangsu
Mobile: 15052313518
Email: jjdajue@aliyun.com
Products Name: spoke nipple
Website: www.jjdajue.com
Alibaba website: jjdajue.en.alibaba.com

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Address: NO.18,Dajue North Road, Xieqiao Town, Jingjiang Jiangsu Mobile: 15052313518 Email: jjdajue@aliyun.com Manager: Kavin
Products Name: spoke nipple website: www.jjdajue.com Alibaba website: jjdajue.en.alibaba.com
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